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Error 4013 after changing Logic Board (tried everything)

I have a working Iphone 5s with locked icloud and a bad iphone 5s that wont charge.

So I decided to take the logic board from the bad iphone 5s and put in the working iphone with the locked icloud. I cant restore it!

If I take the icloud locked logic board and put in either phones, phone turns on and works but if I take the other logic board and put in either phones, Itunes wont restore it. I get error 4013 with redscreen.

I tried DFU mode

I tried even having no screen on, ( all cables removed)

tried having face camera cable off only

tried having proximity and flex cable off only

What to do?

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Error 4014 is usually a hardware issue. Most of the time, it's a faulty charging port. I would order a new iPhone 5S charging port flex cable and test it with that. If it for some reason doesn't work, it may be something else.

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The most common thing when getting Error 4013/4014 is a hardware issue. But in can also be caused by a faulty cable or port. I dont think the charging port or cable is at fault.

You said that you checked the logic board in two different iPhones and it didn't work on the "bad iPhone". But then you took the "iCloud locked iPhone" logic board and put it into either phone and it worked. So the logic board is not ruined.

I have a few things you can try out to fix the error/issue:

1. I see that you tried taking the face camera and proximity/flex cable off, but did you replace it? If you replace this it will maybe fix the error 4013/14.

2. There is something called the long screw damage. This is caused by screwing in the wrong sized screw to the EMI shield plate covering the cables connecting the screen to the device. This can cause a logic board damage.

3. If not this helped you can try this:


1. Connect to iTunes on PC or Mac in recovery mode, start recovery.

2. When you see the "Spinning wheel" on iPhone's screen - EJECT THE CABLE IMMEDIATELY!

Wait for about 10 seconds

3. Than reinsert the cable - the restoration process may begin.


I hope anything of this helped you:)

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This is hardware issue

Check USB Port & Connector

As iPhone error 4013 can be hardware related such as a faulty port and a faulty cable. Thus you need to check the USB port and connector.

Use the USB cable that came with your device. If you don't have it, try a different Apple USB cable.

Switch to a different USB port on your computer. Don't plug into your keyboard.

Try to plug into a different computer.

If this not working please replace the charging port and try to restore it will work

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Hello I have the exact problem like you :( Did you got the remedy? Please help buddy

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