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Fan still running after SSD

Hi All,

I have now changed out the WD 4 TB DH to a 1 TB SSD.

I have left the temperature sensor cable unplugged and lying loose inside the machine.

I had iStat menu control installed since I changed the original drive to the WD 4TB and it worked perfectly looking after the fans.

Problem I have now is the fan is running loudly, doesn't sound like it is running at full, but its still noisy. Is there something that I am missing.

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You're hitting a known problem when using a software over-ride app like iStat. Overtime these apps tend to burnout the fan units as often people leave them running at full speed thinking thats best or the app fails to adjust the RPM.

So at this point you'll need to replace the failing fan unit and then while you're at it why don't you put in a better solution here: OWC In-line Digital Thermal Sensor for iMac 2009-2010 Hard Drive Upgrade which you still need for a SSD.

I would also recommend you look at a better monitoring app like this one: TG Pro as you can see this one is more focused on the thermal sensors and fan's. Think of it this way iStat Menu is a good swiss army knife, but TG Pro is a better surgeons scalpel.

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