Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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WLAN is disabled and wont turn on what can I do?

The wlan wont turn on and is stuck on disabled even tho I touch the button it wont turn on

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HP's are infamous for bad wireless cards. Just google HP wireless card failure and you will see hundreds of posts on this problem. I would contact HP.

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good answer +

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The wlan on hp laptops generally have more than one switch. Before replacing the card, I recommend checking each one to ensure that they are enabled. The first one to check is the analog switch on the side of the laptop. It should have an indication light next to it telling you whether or not it is enabled and generally HP uses the colors blue or green to indicate that it is on. Once you check for that switch make sure that the digital switch is enabled. To do this you will have to hold the Fn button and look at the F1-F12 keys for the wireless switch to enable it. The icon on the key should look like This or like This. If you are sure that the wireless switches are enabled then I would reinstall the drivers for the wireless card. The best process for this is to:# 1. Right Click my computer.

2. Select Manage

3. Select Device Manager

4. Expand the Navigation controller list by pressing the +

5. Right Click the Wireless card and uninstall

6. Select Action from the top menu

7. Select Scan for Hardware changes

From here the computer should automatically try to reinstall the wireless card and if the drivers are corrupted, simply download the newest drivers from the hp website and install. If all of these steps fail then your card must be the culprit. The internal card is easily replaceable and will cost around $30-50 for a new one, but if you do replace it use the hp part # that ends with -001 on the card since from personal experience, not every card that will fit in the slot will be compatible with the hp laptop. IF you do not feel comfortable replacing the card yourself you can also purchase a wireless card that will operate though the card bus on the side of the laptop or in the usb ports.

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Good deal of information here +

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I struggled with the same problem for 2 years with my hp6530: the wireless kept getting deactivated after startup (and somehow I managed time and again to get it working again, without knowing how).


the wireless button is NOT an F key; it is the actual little light "|"which is orange when deactivated. You should not touch any F key; you should touch the light which is ABOVE the F key.


Now I could write a lot more about programming trolls who develop a system which 1. ignores usual user behaviour, thereby also ignoring an issue which, judging by the sheer number of help requests on the internet, causes much grief; 2. attribute a function to a button which is easily touched unintentionally and 3. completetely fail to advise users of their weird solution....

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I tried all above instructions, then wireless card in Device manager was showing enabled but Wireless assistant window, was showing WLAN status as disabled.

Then I tried windows updates. After I click install windows updates, it automatically starts installing and configures system step by step and then Wireless Assistant window displays WLAN status as ON. Then it starts detecting wireless networks and I could select and connect to wireless network.

Note: You need internet to install updates. you can connect wired network till install updates is complete.

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