Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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Why does an iPod still show up?

Why does an iPod that has find my iPhone offStill show up under find my iPhone but you can't trace it but it's still on my iCloud account? I returned it to apple now I'm freaking out that they can gain access to my account

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I already returned it. I don't have it anymore

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Apple is now requiring that that be turned off before accepting it for a repair or return. Did you give them the passcode?

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No because I think/thought it was turned off

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Turn it off in your iCloud setting if returning it to Apple. Why was it returned, repair?

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I already returned it how am I suppose to turn off iCloud on the iPod? I removed it from my account

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I ALREADY returned the iPod so how am I suppose to turn it off without the ipod?

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Was it linked on your computer? If so turn it off in iCloud.

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