My Droid4 display and backlight died, can it be repaired?

At first I noticed the backlight sometimes flickered. Then a few times when I slid out the keyboard it didn't come on, but it would eventually turn on if I tried a few times. Things got progressively worse, the backlight wouldn't turn on at all in portrait mode with the keyboard stowed. I eventually found that if I slid the keyboard out about .5cm the light would come on at 50% of normal brightness.

Things continued to get worse over time...

Now the entire display is dead. I can watch the phone boot up with adb logcat and it says it's unable to open the framebuffer. So while it used to boot up and in a darkened room you could see a glimmer of the display, now the screen is totally dead (but the backlight can still be triggered, some of the time). It's also unable to open the camera device. So something has seems to have progressively rotted inside this phone. Is the motherboard toast? Or can the display and camera components be replaced/reseated to bring them back to life?

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