The Blade ZTE E is an Android platform smart phone released in 2013 (Model: V956).

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Left hand side of touchscreen not working

Hi guys,

Last saturday morning I picked up my phone and the left hand side touchscreen would not work properly. IE. if I typed say the letter "a" it would believe I was touching another letter. Only on left hand side. I kept switching on throughout the day and eventually after taking the battery out for about the sixth time it came back to normal.

On tuesday morning the same thing happened again, this time it will not fix itself.

I have tried wiping the phone, no luck (by pressing volume up and power). I have not dropped this phone, nor has it been near water. It sits idly in my flat.

It is a ZTE Blade 3 a430, 3 months old . I hope you can help as I've lost the bloody receipt!



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Load the application drawing. draw lines and see the pattern . if breaking pattern at some areas the problem is of hardware . I have the same issue.

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