Considered one of Sony's best smartphones, the Xperia Z Ultra is a 'phablet' style device released in 2013.

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Screen has flickering lines and temp afterimage

A portion of the screen, almost half, has this problem. It flickers somewhat and keeps temporary afterimage whenever what's on the screen changes there are also black lines every other pixel. This seems to be somewhat affected by temperature and when it's warm enough these effects almost completely stop.

Anyone know what could be causing this? Any change this could be fixed by anything less than replacing the entire screen? I'm tempted to try re-seating the digitizer connection but I don't have any tools.

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Hey man,

same thing happened to me a few hours ago on XA, if i understood you correctly. Screen flickers in roughly 1Hz, i get 1s of normal picture and for 1s every second horizontal line is black + vertical ghosting lines. I think the phone got moistured, somehow.

The problem is probably in oxidized screen contacts, open the phone up and clean it with rubbing alchohol and/or desilled water. Do not use too much pressure and do not use harder materials. Toothpickes and soft toothbrush will do just fine.

Best of luck if you decide to open the phone yourself, Z series is made real tight inside. I'll try my luck on the guarantee first, since the phone is 3 weeks old. (:

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Sometimes the screen flickering problem you can try reconnect the screen flex cable, cause the flex cable may be loosen when accidentally drop or hit.

You can try to power off your phone and tear it down, check whether the screen flex cable is loosen or not,

or you can go to the Motorola service center for help.

If the methods above can not fix the screen problem, then you should turn to the hardware solution: change a new screen. Is it hard to repair it? Here we also provide a video repair guide for XA Ultra screen replacement.

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Try staying on holiday in warm climate.. It tends to be a little expensive. i moved to spain from uk and the flickering stopped lol... I have same problem only when below 9c.. Fine when above that..

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