The Ryobi P202 part of the Ryobi One+ series. This model is an 18-volt cordless 1/2 inch drill, and is bright green and grey in color. It has a built in level gauge and a two gear ratio switch on the top of the drill, along with a direction switch, magnetic tray, and drill bit clip.

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Drill just stopped working

Brand new drill. Used it a handful of times. Just stopped working while I was using it. Charged both batteries and still does nothing. Never got wet or dropped.

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@evanqwer , Evan, faulty motor or switch probable, return to place of purchase for refund or exchange. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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More than three years old and it was a gift. No reciept so can't take it back.

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Evan, if drill looks brand NEW as you stated in your original question and the store still sells that exact model, talk nice to the store clerk in the tool dept. tell them it was a gift and see what they can do. Other wise you will have to take the drill apart and test the parts trigger, motor,etc to find the fault and order the replacement part if feasible. I will post a link for replacement parts and how to guide, check it out.

Ryobi P202 Repair

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Will do. Thanks

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