RAM will not recognise

I was replacing the keyboard and mouse on a 2009 MacBook Pro that a friend of my families' had. When I had replaced all of the parts it came to the part where'd I have to test my repair job. so I power it on and all, and I'm greeted with a single tone that repeats every 5 seconds, according to Apple, that means there is no detectable RAM, even though I replaced the RAM with the original set of DIMMs. I then tried another matched pair from a 2010 MacBook Pro, and then I'm greeted with three beeps repeated every 5 seconds. Apple listed that as improper or unusable DIMMS are inserted. So the machine recognizes some DIMMs, but not others. And even so it refuses to boot.

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The RAM banks on the older MacBooks are pretty rubbish. I have had this before after removing RAM for hot air soldering, and when I put it back, it has beeped at me. You have to move the RAM slightly out of the slot usually, instead of pushing it all the way in. Try adjusting the RAM in the slot and it should be sorted.

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You saved me so much, Thanks. the guy was coming for his macbook that afternoon, and thanks to you I was got it running moments before he arrived

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