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The Dell Inspiron 1526 was a laptop released in 2008 known for the a swap-able face plates and its portability.

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Inspiron 1526 - Bad motherboards galore

I picked up a dell inspiron 1526 locally to tinker with and it seems to power on somewhat but the leds are not correct and the dvd drive will not even eject. The fans spin and the wifi led flashes orange / blue. From the research i have dones there seems to have been a ton of problems with the motherboard . Has anyone had experience with this particular unit? I hope to maybe be able to repair ir if it was bad caps or bad solder joints or something instead of just parting it out. Also i love this site but is there any other online community of laptop repair people - like i see guys advertising logicboard repairs and services other than just part swapping and i would like to learn more about this myself

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I have a dead 1526 as well. Dead as in will not power on. My power button does not light up but the battery will take a charge and the dvd led's light up and seem to function. Is this the same problem you had that was fixed by replacing the cmos battery?


It sounds very similar. If you hold down the function key and power up you should get flashing LED's that tell you approximately what the problem is. You'll have to search through Dell's support site to try and find what the code means, but this is what mine was (the last post).

If you're comfortable with taking your computer apart I'd suggest replacing the battery. Just be ready to spend some time on it, and DON'T skip any steps. The 1526 is like a jigsaw puzzle, and the coin battery is the last piece. It takes time and patience, but the $2 you'll spend to fix it is worth it.

That being said, if a new battery doesn't fix your problem, at least you know one more thing that isn't the problem.

Good luck.

I bought my computer when they first QVC and it was a lemon from the get go. I have been using it for the last 3 years ad nauseam and am now finally replacing it. My Dell Inspiron 1526 crashed 7 times in the first year and they wouldn't do much to help me. Customer service stinks. I am a woman who was dealing with men in India. They were very condescending towards me. On the last crash, I finally got an Indian woman and she got me a new motherboard. It had worked fine up until I picked up a virus...yes I was using protection...and had to have it serviced. It never did work well....and this made it even worse yet. The one thing that I had noticed all along was that everytime that I had to wipe it clean to start over, I never had the drivers that were basic and necessary to operate the computer. My techie was always looking up drivers for me...and not for free...I mean her services. When you multiply this by how many times I have had to do this, I could have invested in a new computer. So, I am getting a new computer. I think that I am going to give my old one away to my grandson...for all that he will use it for, it should be fine. I used a lot of graphics programs and it couldn't handle those.

I have what seems to be the same problem on my Dell Inspiron 1545. Would this be the same issue? I am willing to to try to replace this cmos battery. Anyone know if following the step by step is the same on the 1545?

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Hi, I'm listing a URL for the service manual for your computer. Hope this helps. Ralph


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I'm not an expert but many people with supposedly bad motherboards in the 1526 were able to solve the problem by replacing the coin-cell battery. I saw this in forums and tried it on a broken 1526 my friend gave me and it works great now ! good luck

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that the CMOS battery change really does work on Dell Inspiron 1526. One word of advice: if you by any chance forget to plug something back in...make sure it is not the cooling fan :D i had to open the whole thing again :)). Also, you might want to really follow the steps in the service manual when performing this operation, it really helps...

Thanks again for your posts and links, i have a happy wife again :)


Mao "Shaolin"


Great advice on the battery! I took out my battery and the computer starts up like normal! I thought it was a bad motherboard. The computer screen was blank but the fan was running.

I had a similar issue. Danny saved me at least $100, and rj saved me a huge headache. I was about to buy a new motherboard when I found this post. After reading Danny's post I immediately went out and bought a new battery (cr2032), used the docs from rj, and replaced my CMOS battery. My Inspiron 1526 started up on the first try, and has been running like a dream ever since.

Thank you so much for for your help. I hope others with similar problems find this post too.

I have a Inspiron 1526, the laptop would not turn on, after pressing the power button the firts time. I would need to turn on/off the laptop multiple times before the computer would turn on. I have changed the laptop battery cell, and so far so good. :) I was about to change the board, I have saved myself $200 or more. I love the internet.

I have a Dell Inspirion 1526. It had always worked fine until a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't turn all the way on. I would push on the power button and the led lights would all light up and that's where it would stop. I took it to Best Buy and they told me it was charging fine but it looked like the mother board was shot. They said it would cost $300 to $600 to fix. They wanted over $70 to even run a diagnostic on it. I started looking online to see if I could find a used one since a refurbished board was $379. While searching I stumbled on these postings. I downloaded the instructions and bought the coin battery for $3 or whatever it was. I took it to work with me in case I got into trouble so I could ask our IT guy for guidance. Working on lunch and my breaks It took me a day and a half to have the new battery in and completely assembled. I turned it on and it worked fine. Saved me almost $400.


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Why don't you take it apart and make an iFixit teardown. I'm sure it would be appreciated and in the process you'd be able to have a look at that bad motherboard of yours and see if you could find any sort of obvious faults.

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I've just had a 1526 come to me for repair. Sometimes it would start properly, and other times it would turn but no display or life.

Many would assume this to be a reflow//reball/chip fault, but hows about this for silly.....

I did the usual, of applying slight pressure to each corner of the board, and that made it always boot if done the right way - indicating at first, a reflow problem.....

Next, i took the lower panel/memory cover off, and found that slight pressure to the CPU heatsink made it boot perfectly.

Turned out on this one, it just needed the CPU reseating properly :-D

Maybe this could happen on others of the same model ? I can't say as this is the first time i've worked on this specific model. I've only seen bad CPU fittings before on Packard Bell R1000 series'.

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you are exactly right. You are giving a perfect example on the importance of proper and systematic trouble shooting. ;-)

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Iri2008, please goto the site provided by rj above and click the display link, last option on left column. That is the detailed breakdown of the monitor assembly.

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@ Tracy, Thanks thats what I did, Followed all the steps, But the Picture with the Display cable is not very detailed, Heck all the pictures of cables aren't very detailed. They all look like you just have to pull but I'm not sure and I don't really want to risk it as this is not my computer but my friends. Thanks for trying to help Tracy.

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I did a complete guide on fixing this problem on the notebookreview forums. Thanks goes to the contributors on this page for pointing me in the right direction. I hope my guide can help someone else in the future. I did it for you guys.

Can't believe how bad Dell computers are these days...


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perfect I just followed the steps and changed the CMOS battery on my 1526 inspiron laptop and WOW its working again

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