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What ink refill service do you like?


If you remember i got the 712c going good,the black ink cartridge just ran out and i do NOT want to spend 35.00 for a cartridge for a 13 year old printer i use on my ThinkPad

Whats the best refill service or best priced remanufactured cartridge you like?

You wouldent wanna pay 35.00 for a black for a old printer you got sitting in a garage for free


The black cartridge just became defective(probably expired but HP covered that up if thats the case) so i cannot get it refilled like i wanted


I have bought a cartridge a long time ago,but never updated this

The printer died 2 months in with it and i was going to fix it but thrown out courtesy of my dad(thanks for making landfills more nasty!)

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let's compromise- i'm voting to move this to meta, it is perhaps something useful

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ditto. it's sort of recycling

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+ good question, I would be interested in the answer

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No, this is about keeping devices lasting longer. This belongs here in Answers. Also, you don't need to ask not to be voted down.

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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You need a syringe, and a big bottle of black ink. Take a drill with a very small bit and drill a hole in the top of the cartridge, fill the syringe with ink, and inject it in very slowly so that it will not cause a mess when the cartridge is full. Then, wipe the hole off with a paper towel, and cover it with a piece of tape. Depending on printer, you may need to enter an ultra-secret reset code in order to trick the printer into thinking you're using a new OEM cartridge (most modern printers, of course, want you to use a new cartridge instead of a re-filled one). If your printer needs a code, you can find it by Googling.

I have a $50 Canon inkjet printer that I use to print a dozen address labels a day, and in 3 years I probably have spent less than $50 on ink using this method.

Here's an example of what you need:

Actually, this auction looks a little expensive...I've bought the equivalent for about $15 shipped. But you get the idea.

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My black decided to fail as i said

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I'm not sure what you mean by "decided to fail". Is it out of ink, or misbehaving in some other way? If it's no longer functional and for some reason can't be re-filled in the method I describe, you can get a generic replacement on eBay for $10 shipped, and then re-fill that one when necessary.

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I don't like the idea on tape on the hole. Maybe Caflon tape. But old fashioned sealing wax, like I use for my signet ring that sets hard would would great

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Tape has always worked fine for me. I wouldn't permanently seal it, because you can re-fill a cartridge dozens of times -- I'm still using the original cartridge for my printer, after dozens of re-fills and 3 years. You also want to make sure the hole is on the top so there is no danger of ink dripping out.

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According to the printer,it is damaged and therefore unuseable

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I just bought (16Jan2011) a refill kit after MetaCrawing(googlin for most) HP 27 black.

ebay $12 delivered WAY fast (2 days) from silicon valley digitide (that was on the shipping label-ebay name may vary.

4, 100ml bottles of HP specific inks (HUGE)

4 syringes with capped needles - nice

no instructions - see the WEB ;-)

easy, done, nice.

Note the "Ink Level" feature does NOT measure ink, It counts down while printing. Most printers remember the last 2-3 cartriges. So your newly FILLED cart will show Low Ink.

Sites describe fooling the 2-3 memories by swapping different carts until it forgets your cart-so it resets to FULL.

To avoid getting dry ink 'dust' in the syringes, I opted to rinse them with isopropyl alcohol.

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I've repeatedly bought from megatoners and referred others.

The worst batch had three DOD carts in it. The prices are so low you don't worry much about it.

Seriously. $2.50 per cart is not uncommon.

The batch with three bad ones was unusual. I've had batches with 0 duds.

They switch providers constantly so it's a bit potluck, but the money I've saved could buy a dozen printers and these carts have yet to kill one. (unless you think ink can burn out the motherboard. I do not.)

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