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2세대 iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 또는 16GB 용량 / 검정 또는 흰색 플라스틱 뒷면. 첫 번째 iPhone보다 수리는 더 간단하며 스크루드라이버, 비집는 도구 그리고 흡입 도구가 필요합니다.

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Upgrade to iOS 6

Hi can I upgrade iPhone 3 to download whatsapp messenger

Thank you

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No, that is not possible to upgrade your iPhone. Support for the iPhone 3G stop at iOS 4.2.1. However, what you can try to do is go into ituens on the computer.

From there, navigate to the App Store

Download the app you desire (using the apple id connected to the phone).

Once downloaded, go to the appstore on your phone and find the app you downlaoded on your comuter.

Download the app, and when asked if you would like to download and earlier compatible version, say yes.

The app shoudl be installed.

If that does not work, then the app did not even support that iOS version.

Hope this helped, Imad

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