How can I replace my usb port?

The usb port to my MPK25 is busted, help me replace it, please?

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also looking for solutions. i try to solder an old usb to the ports, like i did years ago already :) i just dont find schematics for this model. anyone?

After weeks of use, I was having connectivity issues. My DAW wouldn't recognize my MPK261, but it would turn on (controller screen on, could navigate menu, but not recognized by PC or DAW software(s)). I tried to solder a new usb port in there, but my soldering skills are not up to par. I suspect i overheated the main board in the process. So now I'm biting the bullet and ordering a new main board (this one is for MPK261 model).

$111 gamble. I'll let you know how this plays out.

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