The first 8 inch Android tablet by Samsung.

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Tablet cannot download games from playstore

I go to playstsore and click on game.

It just continues to download.

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Hello, Sorry to hear about your problem. What i would try to do if i was in your situation is completely delete everything from the tablet. Also known as a Factory Data Reset. So before you do this, you will want to go and save any important information such as pictures and memos or whatever else you have saved on your device that is important to you. Once you are for sure that you have backed everything up, go into the setting, and look for the option, Backup and reset. Once you have clicked there, you will see at the bottom where it says Factory Data Reset. Go ahead and select that option then it will ask you to confirm a couple of times that you would like to delete the entire tablet and restore it to its factory settings. Once it resets, it will automatically download all of the newest updates that it requires in order to download all of the newest applications.

I hope this information was helpful to you. If you did not quite understand something i said or you are having trouble finding something, you can refer to the link below which is a video that gives step by step instructions on doing a Factory Data Reset. If you have any other questions then Please ask! Thanks a lot and have a good day!

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Maybe your tablet's internet connection is slow or you need to delete your wifi connection and reconnect.

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