The Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen was a portable music player from the early 2000's. Its main claim to fame was its ability to hold a lot of music.

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Why is my device not powering on?

I tried pressing the power button and the device does nothing. The device is plugged in.

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I bought a new battery for mine it played for about 10 mins , so I could check it was charging, when I turned it on again I got nothing.

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If the device is plugged in and still is not turning on, it may not actually be charging the battery. First try plugging the device into a different outlet in your home to ensure it is either the device or the charger. If it still not charging, you may have to purchase a new charger. If the device is still not powering on the charging port on the device could be damaged. This will need to be replaced. If nothing else has fixed the issue, the battery is your last option. Replace the battery and the device should work correctly.

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I have the Nomrd jukebox Zen I believe it's the first one to come out it's not a Xtra or any other type just the jukebox Zen what's is it worth,how does it work please send a video for me to watch?? Thanks!

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