Phone stuck in a boot loop

The other night my phone did an update and when I woke up the next day it was on the Huawei logo that appears when booting the phone up, I took out the battery after 10 minutes of it staying on the logo and turned it back on and the same thing happened again, I have entered recovery mode and done a factory reset and wiped the cache partition, I cannot find a download for the right firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Use a small paper clip in and in the back of the tab is a small button by the headphone jack and quickly click it with the paper clip then turn it back on

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Thank you, I found the hole and placed a paper clip in it and pushed but it didn't click or move at all, If you have any other tips they would be much appreciated

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My huawei y 360-u82 is stuck on huawei logo it can do anything I tried the wipe data reset and cache petetion may you please advice on how I can fix it now it wont even pick up the microsdcard

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