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Charging port replacement options

Can you change out the charging port in a Samsung galaxy s5 with the charging port from a Samsung galaxy s4 active?

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@rowdyrebel , Kimberly, the charge port assy. differs from the S4 and S5, Links below to show the difference, also a how to write up on changing the S5 charge assy. and where to purchase the charge assy. for S5, which you can also do a search for for better pricing( always verify with seller to ensure you are getting the correct part for your device). The last link is solely the port which would require some micro soldering by some one with experience in this field. Good luck.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Port Replacement

Galaxy S4 (Sprint) Charging Assembly

Galaxy S5 Charge Port

Galaxy S4 (Sprint) Charging Assembly 이미지


Galaxy S4 (Sprint) Charging Assembly


Galaxy S5 Charge Port 이미지


Galaxy S5 Charge Port


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