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Malfunctioning touchscreen after a drop


my touchscreen is behaving erratically after I dropped my phone. The top of the screen popped out of the frame (as it did a couple of times before) and now the touchscreen is having a mind of its own. Sometimes it clicks by itself, sometimes it doesn't let me click and it seems to be registering a lot of weird gestures that are straight lines from bottom left of the screen towards top right (look at the attached screenshot).

I've taken it apart, tried reconnecting the 3 screen connectors, took it even further apart, squeezed the cables into the screen, nothing seems to work. At the moment the top of the screen is not glued to the metal case anymore (that's why it popped out of the body a couple of times already), but I don't really think that gluing would help with the problem, as the glass is still well glued to the LCD. I don't want to glue it now, since then it would be harder to replace.

Do you have any suggestions? Something is wrong with the digitizer obviously, but what could it be? I also don't want to buy a replacement screen just to realize that the fault is not actually there.

Any ideas? I really would prefer not to buy a new phone, as I like it a lot and iPhones are really pricey.

Help greatly appreciated! :)

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It's either try another screen or the touch IC on the board being at fault which is the worst case scenario and would cost way more than trying a replacement screen.

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Another thing that I've now figured out is that the problem seems to happen after the phone comes out of sleep. After I manage to get through the lock screen (which takes at least a minute or more) it seems to settle down at least a bit, sometimes it works completely normal.

After each wakeup it is definitely stuck though. Even if I take off the passcode, it is stuck after a wake up in any app it was before going to sleep. Maybe software-related, but I have restored it twice already.

My thinking is that the screen replacement maybe would not help, as this weird pattern speaks against it. But what could be wrong then?

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Sorry to say but the digitizer cable for the touch screen has most likely been pulled and damaged the screen. The only way to fix this is to get the screen replaced as the digitizer is fused together with the LCD.

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New screen will sort this as mentioned in my answer.

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With the top of the screen popping out, it has pulled the cables, this has damaged the cables and you will need to replace the screen to get normal touch functionality back. :-)

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