The Kenmore 90 Series is a washing machine manufactured by Kenmore.

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Load size knob question

I recently bought a 90 series washer and replaced my 70. Is the load size knob suppose to make distinctive clicks at each position? All the other buttons do and they all did on my 70 series. Not sure if this was by design to simulate a 'custom' option for in-between sizes. If that's not the case, any input on how to fix? I imagine it's just stripped if anything.

Any info helps!


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Yes, it's supposed to click with the change of load size. It's probably stripped, hopefully its the knob itself not the shaft, at which point will require more. Not sure if I helped, or if you figured it out, but I thought I'd offer my input.G

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Thanks for the comment! If it's the knob, is there a way to investigate before getting new parts? And if parts are required, would you recommend any company or go straight to manufacturer?

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Pulling off the knob itself and take a look to see if its still intact inside and is fitting snuggly with flat to flat. If not, replace the knob. If it is, probably the entire switch. But my question to you is, when changing the dial does the machine respond to the changes? If yes, don't bother with it! In the end, it could cost u a lot more than a non clicking knob! Trust me on that! But if u do in fact need to replace it, strongly suggest used appliance parts store! Not something that typically goes out in a washers lifetime, but is heavily influenced by the pressures of the outside forces! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, hopefully u are ahead of my post but if not, I hope I helped some! Happy washing! Lol

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