When I shake my WD My Passport Ultra 2TB, it gives me a rattling noise

It's very annoying because i always think something is broke in it. It's reading an writing perfectly just that sound...

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I just purchased a 1TB WD My Passport which has the same rattle you describe yet functions perfectly. Having purchased WD cases for spare 2.5inch drives in the past, I know they are just held together with plastic clips. I suspected the rattle was one of these clips broken off inside. Making sure not to use anything too violent, l got some thin plastic packaging and a small ruler and gently worked my way around the joint between the front of the case and main chassis until it popped open. Inside the HD was mounted on rubber feet (be careful as it is not screwed in) and sure enough between the drive and case was a tiny broken clip. The clip was less than 2mm across and 4mm long so it could move around easily to make the rattle. Bin the broken clip as it has no real function as there are loads of other much bigger clips. So just pop everthing back together gentley and it's sorted.

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