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Why doesn't my phone boot or start without battery with power cables

Actually my phone flashes Apple logo and then restarts the same thing continuously till battery is drained and it doesn't start. Don't know what happen to phone. Got up in morning saw my phone when connected to charger it showed battery symbol with 3 red bars in it. After an hour of charging this loop thing came up. Tried all method of restoring/updating through iTunes but phone gets restarts when download bar appears & iTunes throws error 9. Tried changing battery but no use and also tried heating phone that too no use. Actually I have two issues :

1. Why is my iPhone in continuous boot loop.

2. Why doesn't my phone boot or start without battery with power cables.

Came to know know about 2nd issue while I was searching solution for my iPhone boot loop and then asked my friend his iPhone 4s and took his battery in my phone but didn't work then with just power cable connected (without battery)to my friends iPhone and it started to show Apple logo. So I tried to do it on my phone without battery n just charger but no logo came. So help to revive my iPhone back to life. YouTube link : Help me Thank You.

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It's definitely not an software issue and probably hardware one and I think it's an nand issue. What u guys think?

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1. Why is my iPhone in continuous boot loop.

Battery has gone faulty or baseband chip going bad (This is rare though). Or battery connector needs fixing if not providing a proper connection to the battery.

2. Why doesn't my phone boot or start without battery with power cables

Because the phone will refuse to boot when a battery is connected. It will only boot if it can detect a battery installed. Before in older iOS you could do this without battery plugged in and charger plugged in.

For iTunes restore error 9:

Battery has gone bad and is preventing the phone from restoring.

Does the iPhone switch off immediately when you unplug the charging cable with the apple logo displaying?

If yes then try replacing the battery with a original quality one if possible. Some aftermarket batteries prevent the iPhone from restoring.

Since the restore attempt failed with a error code. The firmware on the phone will most likely not be able to boot since hardware failure interrupted the restore process and did not complete the restore.

So you will need to address the hardware issue first before restoring the system software again.

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Beat me to the punch...

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...Could be you need a new battery. But you'll also have to put it into dfu, and restore to a backup

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

iPhone 4S Replacement Battery

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Turn off the device.

Hold the Power button for 3 seconds.

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iPhone 4S Replacement Battery 이미지


iPhone 4S Replacement Battery


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I think the Battery has gone faulty and you have to replace with new battery and it will work

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