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battery changed, phone switches off randomly

i've changed my battery, and now it sometimes switches on and stays on, and sometimes randomly powers down, or, sometimes when i switch it on it keeps cycling to the apple screen over and over. the new battery was 57% and then charged up to 100% really fast.

i'm also almost 100% sure about the screws, i stuck them to tape in the right configuration and didn't tighten them too much.

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I would suggest trying another battery replacement, depending where you got it from, it could be a cheap, or faulty battery, try get a replacement. :-)

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Probably a faulty replacement battery

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Thelia from what you have said I think you have dislodged the gas gauge filter at the back of the battery connector. If you have tried the original battery and the symptoms are the same then a local repairer will be able to fix this quite easy. It is basically a false reading between the board and battery. I am sure you will find gas gauge posts on here for you to confirm this

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