Touch screen digitiser replacement

Hi All

Just wanted to know, can you replace just the top touch screen digitiser on a Asus zenpad 10 or do you have to replace the whole screen (digitiser and lcd).

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Replace the whole assembly. The touch portion is glued to the lcd...Doing one right now.

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is it just the edge of the LCD that Is glued to the touch screen, would it come off with a little heat, as these whole units are about £80 in the UK.

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From what I could tell, its the whole thing, like an iphone screen...The lcd pulled away with the glass, with heat and care...I have done plenty of ipad screens, this galaxy tab was nothing like that. I cant post pics here, but can pull the old screen apart a little more and send you pics if you like. I found the lcd assembly for under 55, so its not too bad...but, you can find the whole tablet used for a few dollars more. Especially if its only an 8 gig. Want to buy the one I have ? lol

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