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Compass and gyroscope not working


I have a 5s that is in perfect condition, but it has some problems.

1: Compass doesn't work, just shows nothing in compass app.

2: Gyroscope doesn't work, again just shows 0 degrees and the "perspective" background doesn't move.

3: Touch only works when your finger is touching the chassis, if it is on a table and you are not touching it it does not recognize any touch. If you touch the chassis and use it it will work fine. Probibly just caused by a crappy $17 Chinese screen.

My top problems are the compass and gyroscope. How would I fix it? Could it be an antenna?

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if you have checked the compass and gyro are not shorted then replace the motion co processor that processes the peripheral data. if the compass say has shorted this will affect the co processors function

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OSCAR is the co processor on the 5s

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Try the following:

  • Quit all apps from the background. Especially the Compass.
  • Open the Compass app. The iPhone will ask you to recalibrate by having the red dot complete a circle.
  • Once the calibration is done, you’ll see the compass. That means the recalibration is over.

You can test the recalibration by heading over to the app that seemed quirky with the data.

Another possible problem would be caused if you did any repairs previously on it or bought this used/refurbished from someone who had. There's a screw that isn't magnetic by design, but is often magnetized inadvertently or intentionally during a repair (after someone loses it). Try checking that screw. It's circled in green in the below link.

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

Good luck!

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Thanks, quitting the apps did not work but I will try removing that screw in the morning, the compass does not show any degrees, where it would be nothing is there. Would show a screenshot but it has my city and state in it. Thanks for your help!

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Removing the screw did not work, I'm afraid it might be a logic board problem.

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If I replace or remove that screw, will it start working? When I play Temple Run and tilt the mobile, it works fine. But when I play Asphalt 8 and tilt the mobile, it don’t work.

Moreover, is there any way to demagnetize that screw?

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