Digitizer screen and touch pad not responding

I replaced the digitizer screen (original was cracked) on my daughters ASUS transformer tablet. The touch function of the screen and the mouse touch pad on the optional keyboard were not working prior to the screen repair and still do not work after the repair. Is there a component I should be looking for internally on the tablet that controls the touch function of both the screen and the mouse pad? Both the tablet and the keyboard have a full charge on them (they were out of use for at least a year and were completely discharged). Is it also possible that being discharged for so long caused the operating system to lose that function somehow? It does power up and go through the boot up process. I am also not able to power it down with the power button on the side of the tablet. If I try, it will shut down for about 1-2 minutes, then start the reboot again. Once it boots up, I am able to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around the screen in a limited capacity.

Thanks for any help.

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