An entry-level smartphone from ZTE, released in November 2015.

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Dropped Phone now Screen wont respond to touch

== Model Number: n9132 ==

I dropped my phone out of my pocket one day on the floor and since then, it wouldn't respond to my finger. The volume and power button works, even the charger. But The Home screen and back buttons don't work anymore. Its just showing the lock screen and not responding to my fingers at all, screen isn't dirty either.

Things i tried/looked up to do:

[x] -unhooked and snapped back into place the ribbon connectors (seen people say it worked but not for me, i had to get to one that was hard to reach due to a stripped screw but managed to get to it.)

[x] -held down power button while battery is out for a minute

[x] Did the knock test on the phone

[x] left the battery out for a hours

I haven't done a factory reset, this is technically my bf's phone and im not sure if his phone numbers are backed up into the sim card he has into it. I'm not sure if its a bad app thats making the phone lag or memory overload. But i can't check to see if thats the case. I went to google play to see what apps i had via computer but not an option to take it off the phone. Could it be a messed up digitizer from what i read?

Any help is much appreciated, i wanted to look for possible solutions before i go buy another phone for us. Which means i have to donate plasma for a few weeks or more than i already have.

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This is a digitizer issue . To fix it you will probably have to replace it . The whole screen replacement on this phone is less than $30 So do a full replacement rather than trying to separate the glass .

This is close to similar was not able to find a tear down on the prestige but this will help

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