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The Acer Aspire One P1VE6 is a Netbook made by the Acer company. It is also called the Acer Aspire One 722

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Acer P1VE6 (Aspire One 722) charges but won't boot

Some time ago my son spilled water on top of the closed Acer Aspire one 722-0473. The water rolled off the top and entered through the touchpad/speaker area. When I plug it in, the orange charging light comes on. When I press the power button, the blue power light comes on. It even stays on after I unplug the laptop (battery is charging). When I took everything apart, I did not see any visible corrosion, but it still won't boot.

Do I need a new motherboard?

P.S. The only change I made the the original system was upgrading the hard drive. I purchased official ACER recovery discs.

Update (02/10/2017)

Looking at the touchpad's logic board, it's got some discoloration under what looks like tape (which is holding cables on). Can I peel that off to clean under it?

Update (04/27/2017)

I swapped the motherboard out, and now it is working beautifully!

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@datnametakn , Stop charging and powering on the device. Even though you are not seeing corrosion it may be a good idea treat the board and all connections as if they had the corrosion/water on them (this way all connections,etc will be reseated well and clean). Disassemble the device Link #1 video for reference and a general guide Link #2 explaining drying/cleaning electronics that have experienced liquid damage.

Clean put back together and try. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Electronics Water Damage

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