I've a dead insect between screen and glass

Hey guys,

the insect is dead and isnt moving anymore, its in the middle of the screen.

Any ideas what to do, or how to open this model?

Thank you guys.

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As there isn't much information online (well none that I could find anyway), regarding the repair of your particular monitor, you could try searching online for removing insects from inside an LCD screen. There are a lot of results with various suggestions as how to go about it.

Alternatively, there is the following option but only if you are interested.

Here is a link to the service manual for your monitor.

Unfortunately you will have to purchase it.

Again unfortunately, from the brief description given of the manual on the webpage, there is no guarantee that the instructions on how to dis-assemble the monitor are contained in the manual. The better manuals usually provide an exploded view of all the parts comprising the device etc. so that you can work out how to dis- assemble it or sometimes they even describe how to actually dis-assemble it. However others only provide the bare minimum i.e. the schematics and parts list etc.

This is the gamble that you have to take if you decide that you will purchase the manual.

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