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No Sound from Ear Speaker


Wondering if you clever people could assist

I have a iphone 5c that has no sound from the ear speaker, i have replaced the front camera flex as well as the little black speaker, but i still cannot get any sound from the ear speaker.

Is there a chip or some other part on the board that controls this, or some obvious software setting

Thank you all

Update (02/25/2017)

Thank you all for your repsonse

So ive tried the following

1) Tried 2 new ear speakers

2) Tried 2 new flexes

3) Checked connector

All ok no obvious issues, is there a chip or something on the board that may be causing this issue?. If i try a factory reset will that work?



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Most likely, if you have replaced the front camera flex, as well as the speaker itself, it is either misaligned on the contacts (make sure that the contacts on the black speaker piece are aligned on the camera flex cable), misaligned on the logic board (check for misaligned flex cables on the logic board), or a pin has been broken on the logic board (disconnect the flexes for the display and camera, and check for any broken or damaged pins on the board). Other causes are far less likely, but could include:

  • Defective speaker
  • Defective Front Camera Flex
  • Other hardware or software issues

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Before taking apart my phone I would also double check that I didn't simply mute the speaker during a call or anything like that.

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