Why do the codes say all injectors have an open circuit

Where is the injector systems ground wire?

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How did you determine this? Could you please specify you answer? Did you use an ODB-II tool like this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005NLQAH... ?

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Matt are we dealing with a gas or diesel motor? If its a diesel the injector is grounded at the injector where it goes into the block under the valve cover and each injector is grounded individually. If we're dealing with gas engine there is a common ground that runs the length of the fuel rail and back to the ECM behind the battery.Just another thought ,it's possible for one injector to short out the whole battery voltage feed to all the injectors. So if you have lost voltage to all the injectors, replace the blown fuse and plug each injector in, one by one. If the fuse blows, the last injector you plugged in is shorted. Hope this helps

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