Here it start but never turns on

I can here the chime start and the fan turns on but screen does not turn on

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What happen?

Have you dropped it? Changed RAMs?

1st, if you got any apple care protection plan or any warranty left you better go at the Genius Bar!

If not, I would say it may be the RAM: open the bottom cover by taken a few screws out and check the RAMs, take one out, try starting it with 1, if it's the same switch with the other RAM. If is still the same try a new RAM.

If this won't solve anything, check the LCD connection on the MB, clean it if necessary, just to be sure.

Let me know how it goes.

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Check the ram by opening it and making sure they are seated correctly. Next, turn it on and shine a flashlight on the display. If you can see something on it, then the backlight is bad. If you can't see anything, then check the connector for the display. Or the display could be bad.

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