Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Whenever I press the power button the blue flicker and nothing happens

I've had a regular 3ds(US) for the past year or so and its been working perfectly fine, but when I got home today and turned it on all that happened when I pressed the power button was that the blue light turned on then off seconds after, no sound plays and the screens stay black, is this some sort of battery problem? The orange light still lights up if I plug it into a charger

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Sounds like a battery issue. Try removing the battery and plugging it in to a charger and then try. If that doesn't work there's the chance that's there's a short somewhere. Have you spilled any liquid on it?

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I took out the battery and tried to turn it on while plugged into the charger, no response from the 3ds. Also I haven't spilled anything on it to my knowledge

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When you removed the battery did the orange light come on again?

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It came on but then turned off seconds afterwards

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There might be a short. Try taking the entire thing apart and looking for corrosion. You can also try to use a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol to clean all the boards. This should remove any shorts that you may have.

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Can you direct me to tutorial or something along the lines of that so that I'm sure I'm not screwing something up? I've never opens up a 3ds before and I'm afraid of touching something I shouldn't

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