LG Treasure Smartphone Model Number: LGL52VL Release date: April 2016

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How do I direct dial?

I belong to our fire dept. and I need to direct dial to Iamresponding.com to respond to a call. How do I set it up? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

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When you say "I need to direct dial to Iamresponding.com to respond to a call", I'm assuming you mean this:

"Here's how it works: After receiving a dispatch notification through any existing dispatch system, responders either press one button on IamResponding's free apps, or speed dial a pre-programmed toll-free number on any phone. This whole process takes mere seconds, at most" (see http://www.iamresponding.com/v3/Pages/Le...).

So you can either download the Android app from the Google Play store and follow these directions for using the app from IamResponding: http://www.iamresponding.com/v3/articles...

Or you can set up speed dial to IamResponding's toll-free number using this guide: http://webcazine.com/13405/android-5-0-l...

If this isn't what you meant by "direct dial" please let me know.

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My LG Treasure has a direct dial widget on the phone. I'm wondering how to use it?

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Look at page 62. This is for a different LG phone, but I couldn't find anything on the Treasure and direct dialing. Hopefully, the process is the same.

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Thank You Tim! It worked!

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Good to hear. Feel free to accept my answer to close out your question.

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