This PC is a Dell Inspiron 3000 Series laptop with an AMD processor and a non-touch display. It's model number is 3541.

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How do I get the on screen keyboard off of my touchscreen?

I have touch screen. My onscreen keyboard stays on screen all the time & I can not get directions how to remove it. It is a constant nuisance especially when I am typing anything. How do I get if off?

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If you go to settings and find your way to keyboard there should be an option to turn in on/off. If you Using windows 10 go down to cortana and type in "on screen keyboard" and there should be an option to turn it on and off. If your on windows 7 the easiest way is to do control+alt+delete and near the bottom left there should be an icon. Click it and there should be an option for on screen keyboard.

Hope this helps and good luck fixing!

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Wait Cameron or @cam2363..I thought I had it fixed but nope. the answers u provided were helpful but I did look to see that I have Windows 8.1 version. I tried control+alt+delete which did pull it up as u noted, but then after what do I note to take it off my screen. I will be eternally grateful if u can fix this. Thank u for your time.

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When you dt ctrl alt del, look for this thing that looks like a 3/4 circle with 2 arrows. When you find it, there should be an option for on screen kb, just turn it off and that should fix it.

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Thank u forever Cameron or @cam2363..I have been trying to get problem fixed forever, & now I have!! Thank u so much for taking time to answer for me, & then again as a follow up. Have a great day!!

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No problem! Its just what i do! im super glad it worked!

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