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Damaged touch keys during charging port replacement


During the replacement of a faulty charging port, I damaged the touch key component which is stuck onto the inner mid frame. I've now scraped off all remnants of the touch keys (little white pads with a thin glass film).

Is it possible to source a replacement charging port that comes complete with the entire touch key assembly? I have seen a few on ebay that do not come with it


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The soft touch keys are part of the charge/ microphone daughterboard, there are plenty of these parts available on eBay for around £5.

Search eBay

Example: not an endorsement of any kind.

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Ohh thanks for your help.

I had emailed one of the sellers and they had replied saying the soft keys are not included.

I've seen one YouTube repair tutorial where they removed all remnants of the previous soft keys, stating (as you have) that the replacement part included the full soft key assembly, however I've also seen other videos where only the two almost circular, sticky black pieces (that are connected to the daughter board) are wrapped around the frame and stuck on top of the centre white 'pads' of the soft keys which remain from the original install.

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As an example, see how Step 33 on below link suggests to leave the white pads and remove only the black ribbon?

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