Produced as part of the Sony Vaio E-series line, and released as a notebook in 2010. Some minor issues, associated with normal wear-and-tear, are common and and range from easy to difficult in user repairability.

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Minor problems turning into major headache! computer has ran perfect since the day I purchased it until about a month ago I decided to try to watch a movie (DVD) on it! I put the disk in and the message pops up on what action to take and of course after pushing to play the movie the movie doesnt play! So I went into the settings and tried to figure it out and still haven't but, I have managed to make the matter worse and have NO idea how! My laptop is running extremely slow, almost half my programs wont work like they are supposed to, and I can't get it to connect to the wi-fi/Internet (if it does it doesn't even work the way its supposed to!) On top of a few other things! Should I just reset my laptop or what should I do?

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@lpfaff1 thank you so very much for that information!!! im definitely going to try that! after doing a few extra steps i keep getting the message to dix my malware and anti-virus protection so ill definitely go check that link!!!

thanks again! i really appreciate all your time and help!!!

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Tara, You are welcome, thanks for replying back, good luck with your Sony Vaio.

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@itsme_85 , Tara , You may have picked up a virus or malware, run your anti virus/malware protection, do a scan of whole computer. If that does not pick up a infection that is causing the issue, try a system restore to an earlier date when the computer was working good. If that does not fix it, you may have to do a fresh reinstall to get rid of the problem. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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@itsme_85, Tara, I personally use AVG anti virus free edition and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware free to use, that is all I have on my computer. I will post a link for you to check out various free virus/malware protection and if you would like to try one or two do so and if you do not like them just uninstall/remove. Some times they may pop up and try to get you to upgrade, I always just decline and stay with free version. Hope this helps.

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==Thank you so much for your time==

Thank you for taking the time out to respond to my problem! I ran the spyware/malware protection that is pre-installed on my computer and it does in fact say that I have a few issues that need resolved but when I click to fix them it directs me to buy this kind of protection and that kind of protection and I for some reason can't help but to feel as if it is just a way for some company to make extra money for nothing...anyway so my question to you is do you think it would just be best for me to just simply back-up my pictures and all other things I need and just do a restart?

Again thank you for your time and im so sorry to have taken so much more of it!

Thank you and God Bless!!!

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