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Do I need to recalibrate the trackpad? After loosen the bottom case?


I'll in the soon future replace the bottom case/cover screws due to that one screw is a little stripped it littler fall a part I did not use any force at all, it did broke when I needed to tighten (I did unscrew it and then screw it back) the bottom case/cover as the MBP did wobble on the table from factory, now the MBP is rock solid when it stands on the table but I need to replace the screw I can manage to unscrew it but then I can't use it anymore so I have ordered new screws that will arrive next week.

50 USD for six screws, I really hope that it 'll bee cheaper later on.

So what I had thought to do is that I unscrew one screw then screw in the new one to replace the old one, then I'll do the same for the next one etc.

You get the point, I'll never take the bottom case/cover of and also I'll never let the bottom case/cover be without more then one screw at the time.

I'll do it like this just to make sure that I don't ruin my warranty because even what Apple says I have never opened the bottom case/cover and I want to bee enabled to tell Apple that also without lie.

But I did hear somewhere that if you take of the bottom case/cover on the MBP 2015 you need to recalibrate the trackpad, is it true?

And if it's true is it the same for the MBP 2016?

And finally if it's true for the MBP 2016 that it needs to be recalibrated, do I need to do it as I have never taken the bottom case/cover of truly.

One side question, is all of the MBP 2016 bottom case/cover screws the same size, length?


And no, I 'll not send it in for repair because then I need to bee without my MBP for at least 1-2 weeks and I can't do that as I need it for Collage.

And I have 2h drive to nearest repair centre so I can't do that either.

And replacing six screws can't be that hard or can it?

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Would you please leave it alone! The bottom cover has nothing to do with the trackpad!

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@mayer Well that was my question, I'll just replace the screws nothing serious and I did never mention that I'll touch the trackpad. I was just asking if something inside 'll be harmed or something like that if I replace the screws.

And I did hear somewhere before that if you just open the bottom case you need to calibrate the trackpad.

You don't need to sound so angry, I was just asking so I would not brake anything.

But then my guess is that I can safely replace the screws as I did describe above?

And I can see that you have a great knowledge regarding Mac's so if you have opened a MBP 2016 you maybe can answer my other question regarding if all of the screws to the bottom case are the same size, length?

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Since it only has six screws I can't tell. Usually the two screws under the display areas are longer. This is the only place I've seen a screw removed: MacBook Pro 13" Function Keys Late 2016 & teardown

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