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The Gigabyte P35G V2 is a 15.6-inch laptop computer produced by Gigabyte Technology (branded as GIGABYTE or sometimes GIGA-BYTE; formally GIGABYTE Technology Co., Ltd.), a Taiwanese manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware.

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Where can I get a replacement for the fans?

As the title, im looking for a replacement for my broken fan.

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Frederick Sacsac , Did a good search for replacement fans for Gigabyte P35G V2 with no luck. Perhaps you could open machine and get a part# directly off the fan and search that part # and have better luck.

I did open then laptop and removed the fan, i did a research on internet but couldn't find anything.

On the fan there is a sticker with this written on it:

FCN Brushless Motor FFND DC 5v 0.5A


I also tried an extensive search for parts to no avail. How about a few closeup pictures of the fan, also if it is the right or left fan. It probably a pretty standard part. Including mm measurements might also help. Would you mind telling us why you think it has failed?

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I ran into this same problem with my P35x V6. Less than two years old and the fan was dying. Gigabyte would not send me a replacement fan nor could I find one anywhere. I did find a solution though!

I have two solutions, one permanent, the other temporary.

Permanent Solution:

I ordered a fan with part number RP35X6 PLB07010S05M (the one with 4 pins not 2). I managed to purchase it for $15. It is the same as my GPU fan. All you have to do is cut off a small plastic tab and take the old top removable cover from your cpu fan and tape it on flipped 180 degrees (unpainted side up, it will fit fan profile) with some high temp tape like Super 33+ or Kapton.

It works perfectly now and didn't require any soldering or advanced skills. Here are the explicit steps to follow:

1) Unplug (carefully!) and remove old fan.

2) Place new fan to see the small plastic tab that needs to be cut and/or filed.

3) Cut and/or file down tab.

4) Remove the top cover of old fan.

5) Tape old cover onto the new fan. Make sure the unpainted side is up, it will fit fan the profile.

6) Install new fan. It will be a little tight but fits perfect. I did not need the old bracket and I did not need to screw it down. If you find yours is not tight enough you can use the Super 33+ tape folded over as spacers either on the side or the top (where it make contact with the bottom panel of the laptop).

Temporary Solution:

This needed to be done about once per month but it removed the fan noise between applications.

I purchased Zoom sewing machine oil from amazon.com and an 18-22 gauge syringe from my local pharmacy.

Take the top cover off the fan and pull straight up a little on the fan. You will notice there is some give that allows it to move up and down. If you flip it over and look at the back side (where the wires enter the stator) and continue to pull you will notice a small gap between the rotor and stator.

Fill the syringe with about 1ml of sewing machine oil. Pull the fan rotor with enough force to reopen the gap described and insert the syringe just enough to begin putting drops between the rotor and stator. After applying a few drops rotate the fan rotor and pull up and down to work the oil in. I noticed after a time of doing this the fan started to move up and down more freely and spin without that terrible grinding noise. Tape the cover back on with high-temperature tape (described above) and reinstall. Before doing this I recommend using canned air or the like to blow out and dust that may have found itself in there.

If there is still some noise try adding some more sewing oil. I had minimal oil bleed on the heatsink fins after months of use, easy enough to wipe away.

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Main problem with this approach is that you have to cannibalise your old fan case, and you lose all speed control on the fan itself due to the the replacement fan only using 2 pins, there would be no data going to the Mother board of the statistics of the fan itself meaning this fan will be running at full speed all the time. The fan you selected operates at a lower power as the original one so you may not get the same performance. I have updated the full part number in my OP. If you ebay searched for DFS FFAP you would have gotten to the same result.

I understand why you say that. A quick google results in two fans with model number PLB07010S05M. Try googling: RP35X6 PLB07010S05M. That should result in a 4 pin fan with all of the fan case apart from the removable top. Full speed control with the 4 pin model. Same 2.5 watt design. It literally took 10 mins to replace and is tested and working under various loads and cooling requirements.

Hello, one of the fans in my p35x v6 is working bad, so I want to replace it. Could you tell me wich one of them are, wich is the model name, please?

It’s the one closest to the vga and hdmi ports.

Thank you in advance!

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I am trying to find a solution to this problem as well. Do you still have access to the fan? I just had a few questions regarding the possibility of repairing it.

Are you able to remove the fan and the motor from the casing? If so, can you send me a picture of it? I was thinking about replacing the fan with its original casing.

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Yhea i still have the fan.

I managed to remove the 'casing' but i cant remove the blades from the casing.

If you peel back the forcecon sticker, are there screws to remove the motor? Could you post some additional pictures with the fan disassembled as much as possible? Thanks

I did try to look for the screw , but there is no screw under the sticker

I think i have located a fan!! i sent photos to a supplier here in Aus & he has quoted me $28 for the supply of said fan next Tuesday....

oh nice! let me know once you get it if it's the same size, and i'd like to know if they also ship to europe

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8mm in height 7cm wide and 7cm long. the 'blades' of the fan are about 2.8cm long. the reason why i think it failed is because it started making some 'cruchy' nose when spinning at low speeds, then after 3 months is started making the whole laptop tremble when spinning at high speeds, (dont mind the cable, it got ripped when trying to remove the pin connector since it was glued in by gigabyte)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi! what laptop is this? p35x v6? is this the CPU fan?

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If you can take some measurements of the fan, perhaps it would be possible for you to buy a replacement fan meant for another machine that has similar dimensions to yours and swap it in that way.

Usually the motor is permanently attached to the frame of the fan but you should be able to pull the blade assembly off. Perhaps what you can do, is find another fan with a similar blade size, that also has a metal plate backing, and perhaps cut the excess off the new one, cut the motor coil bit off the old metal plate, and somehow install the new metal plate onto the old one.

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i wrote already the measurements of the fan in my first post. 8mm in height 7cm wide and 7cm long. the 'blades' of the fan are about 2.8cm long.

i tried many times in pulling the blades, but without success, there are no screws either.

Watch a video on how to remove the fan blade. I’m pretty sure it’s doable for a Brushless Motor. YouTube “Brushless Motor repair”. You can probably manhandle the fan to see if you can remove the blades since it is broken anyways

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I face the same issue with the same laptop. I contacted the support. They quoted $45 for each fan. But here is the catch. They require to send the laptop to their repair center to change the fans and want $90 more for the labor. This is ridiculous. I am not sure why they are making themselves the enemy of the their customers.

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You called gigabyte support ?

Contacted, not called. They have a web-site esupport.gigabyte.com. The support team was very responsive. They sent an email request to the Gigabyte Notebook CSR. The latter replied me with a quote for the fans and labor, and told me that I have to send my laptop in to install the fans, no exceptions. I told them I cannot send my laptop, because I need it every day and asked them what do they suggest. My question remained unanswered.

ask for the fans to be sent to you. and replace it yourself, its a 5 min job if they send you the exact fan

Michael Lin , Gigabyte has a strict policy not to send parts. They request to send your laptop to them.

Really? I managed to get the quote for the parts on my out of warranty laptop. I asked specifically for parts only and it seems like it was fine. In the end, orded a different fan directly from a fan supplier, made some minor modifications to the electronics and it works great right now. Each of these alternate fans cost less than $5 usd, or around $1.2 if you purchase in bulk.

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I was able to replace both fans for under £15. If you want to wait for a shipment from China then the cost can be as low as £0.75 per fan. the method I used will require some soldering skills as some rewiring is needed. This is not the standard fan, but I managed to get it working rather well. Message me if you need a full guide

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Long Story short the fan I used is : DFS FFAP

Modifications: Fan Rewire + extension, the screw doesnt lineup perfectly.

Original Wires -> FFAP connector end :

Red (+5v) -> Blue

Blue(GND/Fan Sense) -> Grey

Black(GND/Fan Sense) -> Black

Yellow(+3v3) -> Brown

Resolder FFAP Fan side connections:

Org Joint -> New Wire:

Brown -> Blue

Grey - > Brown

Black -> Black (unchanged)

Blue -> Grey

Try to use a thinner guage wire for extensions and kapton tape to secure.

After installing this fan, there seems to be a slight offset in rotation, this can be corrected by not screwing the fan bracket into the hole, instead use it as a pin pushing against the initial screwhole to fix rotation, keep the screw in place with kapton tape.

Alternatively, use kapton tape as a air funnel if using the mounting screw correctly.

Hope this is enough to get you started

This was just what I was looking for! Can you provide the model number of the exact fan you used?

Nevermind, I managed to replace it without soldering. Used fan with p/n PLB07010S05M. I desribed the process in detail in this thread.

DFS531105MC0T FFAP, Part numbers may change but the important part is "DFS" which stands for electric fan and FFAP is the Construction/model

Thanks for the info!

For clarity, the fan PLB07010S05M is the 4 pin model, not the 2 pin one. It was the exact same fan used for my GPU. Changing the orientation did not result in a measurable decrease in performance. You can find it on ebay and AliExpress under RP35X6 PLB07010S05M.

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Hello, one of the fans in my p35x v6 is working bad, so I want to replace it. Could you tell me wich one of them are, wich is the model name, please?

It’s the one closest to the vga and hdmi ports.

Thank you in advance!

Block Image

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Hi i’m looking to buy both replacement for my p35x v6 can somebody guide me to buy the right one? i could not find the right model, and i have ordered the one compatible and is not fitting on the cpu fan.. please help

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This is what I used: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-CPU-Cooling....

It's not exactly the same, if I remember correctly, the screw hole is misaligned, but this is the best you can get, it fits perfectly otherwise.

yes this is the one i ordered it says p35x v4 not v6 and is not exactly the same.. i was looking for the original one this time.. do you still remember the serial code of the original, even a picture will make it? because i don't have it anymore.. in case i will have to order this one again thanks for your answer

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