10.1" tablet released in February 2014, powered by a custom version of Android 4.4 KitKat, and identified by model number: SM-T520NZKAXAR

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WARNING BATTERY LOW.but re charges when turned off without power cord

Samsung Galaxy PRO 10.1.....

While using after a time the "warning battery low" indicator comes on and says anything from 10-20% left....by the time ive done a little more it might be down to 5-10% and i switch it off...when i turn it back on in the morning it can be anything from 50-70% charged..yesterday was such a morning re-start and it was back to 65% and i used it till it again showed "warning battery low"..turned it off and 4 hours later back on last night and it was 45%.... from a full 100% charge i probably get an hour if i'm playing games such as wgt golf app or other power hungry games or you tube video's... the Tablet is just over 2 years old but has been doing this for at least a year..i have had one of them covers on with magnets in which i have also taken off today as perhaps some cause ?

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It sounds to me like a battery problem. I have a cell phone that does the same thing. If the battery is only a year or two old, you might try letting it shut down after it gives you the warning. See if it powers up after letting it rest. Do it several times until it won't power on. Then recharge the battery to full charge without using it. Then use it again in the same manner. The goal here is to see if it has developed a memory and if it can be erased.

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Hi Levy,

thanks for answering although not sure you read what i put as what i was saying is that i use it then after a while it says low power,i turn it off and go back to it several hours later and there is 50-75% charge and the same after that runs down....i did charge it up after the third run down as it happens and have just been using from a full charge before warning low battery. i should have left it again and see what happened in the morning except i was in the middle something so mains. i will repeatedly follow your idea to the letter and not plug in to the mains unless it wont start up which will indicate its flat for sure. probably will take me 4-5 days when i will report my finding.

Thanks again for your input Levy

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Alot of modern devices don't actually display the amount battery capacity(mAh) left in the battery, rather they display the the amount of time you have left converted to percent (basically).

So after using it for a while, you have various apps open, services enabled(facebook messager etc), hardware components enabled(like the wifi and bluetooth chips) and/or games your device will estimate that you have X amount of time (converted to a percentage value) left on your device.

However when you turn it back on after being off the tab will re-estimate what time the battery has left, and because all apps, services and hardware components are turned off it will tell you there is far more battery left than you last saw.

In short:

Ever found yourself looking at your phone clinging on to the last 1% battery for hours? Same thing is happening here I think.

Although it is strange that it will jump from 45% all the way to 100%, I'd say replacing the battery would be a waste of money, as the device actually still functions normally.

Although Lewy isn't necessarily correct about the battery having a "problem" because batteries aren't intelligent components (they hold a charge or they don't), the OS is the thing that does all the math, letting it drain completely and (without turning it on) charging it fully is the only thing that you can do.

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