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Unresponsive phone after locking phone

A customer came to me after she dropped her phone. LCD looks fine, the casing is not too, not liquid damage inside.

The phone will turn on, work for a few minutes, then after you lock the screen, the display won`t come back on. Not even a hard reset (home plus power button) will bring it back.

It will start working again after several minutes of being left alone, battery plugged in or not.

I tried testing it out of the casing, with only the lcd, battery and charging port connected. Still the same behavior.

I haven't tried a software flash, it does seem to be recognized by a pc.

have you encountered anything like this before? My gut is telling me theres some small component on the mobo thats messing things up, but i don`t have the expertise nor tools to mend it. At this point i`m just looking for an explanation.

edit: after it becomes unresponsive, itunes will recognise it in dfu mode. maybe its related to the sleep/wake circuit?

Thank you ever so much for your time

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Does the phone need an update? Have you tried to plug in a new power button temporarily to the board to see if that helps?

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It sound like the iPhone had the LCD damaged or the wire to the motherboard has become loose or bent. Also the LCD could be getting to warm to the, is the iPhone warm after the LCD stops working ?

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