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What will replacing only the NAND flash do to iPhone?

I'm curious to know what will happen, if I only replace the NAND flash chip with another chip from another iPhone.

Will it work? Or will it crash, not boot or what?

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Probably go into DFU mode and show some sort of error during restore. (4013, 4014, 9, 40, etc.) If you want to upgrade the NAND, you would need a new chip and a NAND programmer.

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if he just swaps the NAND, nothing will happen. First because it takes some expensive tools and a fair amount of skill to actually do the swap and second because none of the phone info will match what is stored on the NAND.

You can 100% reuse NAND from a different phone, you just have to have the hardware and software to do it. The hardware alone costs much more than any phone on the market though.

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@joshw but i thought because a phone with no nand will still connect to itunes, shouldnt this?

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