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Why am I getting feed back in my subwoofers for about 10 seconds then

I just hooked up an amplifier and some new subwoofers in my vehicle. I trun my stero on to try everything out and i got feedback in my speakers and then no sound at all. Mind you my stereo is on zero so i shouldnt have sound period but i get feed back for about 5 to 10 seconds and then no sound from the subs at all. I know the speakers work. The amp light stays green so its not going into protect mode. My ground is ground to the metal frame of the vehicle so i know my ground is good. Please help me figure this out or should i just mail the new amplifier back to the lanzar company i even get the feed back through the subwoofers when the rca cables arent connected to the amp

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On the back of your stereo where your RCA Jack is plugged in, wrap a wire around one of the inputs (either one, doesn't matter which) attach the other end of the wire to any screw on the stereo by slightly loosening it just enough to slide the wire under the screw head and tighten it down. This is a trick normally done when your can hear your engine rpms whine in the stereo speakers butt might help you're issue also. If this doesn't work double check your wiring and make sure your RCA jacks are plugged into 'input' at the amp and plugged into your 'rear output' at the stereo. If nothing then: check your settings on your stereo and make sure that you don't have to turn the sub on thru the deck, i had a JVC CD player that was like that. Good luck.

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