An HP Probook released in 2011.

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Windows Boots Up But Not BIOS

HP Probook 4530s

Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Insider Preview 15063 (rs2_release)

Core i3 2310M


120 SSD for windows, 320 HDD


Windows boots up fine everytime. Very long time since i went into bios settings, i wanted to see if boot from usb option was on, and on startup when i press esc key or any function keys to get into bios settings, the screen goes black, hard disk light turns on and remains on, caps lock light starts blinking, i don't have num lk key.

I reinstalled bios and nothing changed. My battery is weak, if that matters, a warning is shown on boot up.

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I think you have a UEFI (bios) not the same as the bios is on the motherboard I a chip and the UEFI is on the hard drive but built to operate like.

watch this video and it will show you some answers,

Press F2 for first screen then ESC

Good luck

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No I checked, I have legacy bios. Even if I do have UEFI its menu should open.

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Yes the motherboard has a bios but to get to the program to change the settings is on your hard drive. I went to the machine's web page and looked plus I sent you a video link of the same machine being booted as I described.

Yes the menu should come up. I hope you are being fast enough to press your keys. With power down then boot start your key strokes immediately.

If you have reinstalled the bios it just could be how fast you try...

Good Luck

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Pressing the keys is what brings up the black screen.

And like in the video i could get into the bios settings before.

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