The Asus X555LA is a low budget laptop that came out in May of 2015. This Intel Core i3 laptop was designed to be affordable for consumers.

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How do I remove the wifi card?

I'm trying to replace the wifi card, and the easiest solution seems to be to take the fan and CD drive out and then take the wifi card out from under the motherboard. So either, how do I remove the fan or the motherboard (or any other way to do this?) Thanks.

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Remove the battery.

remove the screws from the smaller back panel, the one you can see your memory thru.

Lift off the plastic cover and you can see the memory. You have the laptop upside down, battery compartment away from you and the front of the laptop near you. The wireless card is just to the right. It has two gold connectors attached to it. Carefully using a small screw driver or plastic knife pry up on the gold ends, they are pressed into small receptacles like on a 9 volt battery. The card will have two small screws holding it in place and plugged into a edge socket. Install the new card in reverse of taking the old one out.

Take your time end be careful not to poke into the motherboard with your screw driver. I have hard thumb nails and am lucky as I use my nail to flip off the connectors.

Good luck

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Thanks Altbell, but I think my model must be slightly different because that back panel is in a different place than the wireless card and doesn't have any screws in it to remove (must be a pop fit).

In the end I got it by undoing all the screws around the motherboard, took the CD drive out, and the left side of the hard drive and then the screw to the right of the fan which enabled the motherboard and fan together to pivot upwards still attached to the wires at the back.

It is this small screw on the right side of then fan that I overlooked the first time and that was holding the motherboard down still.

Then with access to the underside of the motherboard there is one screw on the right of the wireless card holding it in place. Once this screw is removed, the wireless card pivots outward and then it is easy to slide it out.

The antenna connectors popped off and on just like you described. Cheers :)

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