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Which digitizer is compatible for S6 edge Plus 928g?

My GF bought this version Galaxy S6 Edge+ Gold (Unlocked). Am seeing where it's a 928G, but in looking for a digitizer replacement I am seeing 928F/928A/928P/928T but not able to find the 928G.

Can anyone say if any of these other model variations are compatible as I believe the touch sensor may be different in a few.

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@techguyjm, duanemunroe2000 , They appear to be generic, it looks like they all start with G928 (perhaps Global)then ad Initial for carrier/seller. See links below and as always verify your concerns with the seller. Links below may help. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Screen and Digitizer

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Screen and Digitizer 이미지


Galaxy S6 Edge+ Screen and Digitizer


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When it comes to the LCD/Digitizer replacement assemblies of these devices, it wont matter the model specifics, just match up the color of the 928 and you're good to go, but make sure you get the whole assembly.

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All S6 Plus screens are compatible those numbers you see are specific to the frame used as well as the carrier as long and frame its attached to matches the model number it will work just buy one without the frame pre attached and it will work just fine/

Source: Repair Technician Professionally

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ok, thanks for the clarification. Just had me puzzled as I was looking at a listing for a 928F digitizer which stated

'The model number is G928F which doesn't have a separate cable for the fingerprint sensor and therefore the fingerprint reader may not work if installing this LCD on a different model phone (like G928A/G928T)'.

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The Cable for touch is located underneath the screen and not attached as long as you dont damage the home button cable it will work just fine.

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