HP desktop PC introduced on 12/2005. Uses Socket 939 AMD processors.

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Computer won't boot up

Push power on button machine starts up power wise and get real quite nothing appears on screen

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is the monitor hooked up?

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Hi! from a hardware perspective, so many things can cause a monitor to not show an image.

-Start with making sure the Monitors are plugged into both the PC, as well as the Power Bar.

-Try a seperate Display cord. (Your VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DP Cables could be failing)

-Try a different port. (most recent motherboards support both HDMI, as well as DVI,) or if you have a video card installed, be sure to try your on board port.

-Try a new monitor if it does not work

-if this does not function, try putting your windows Disc into the Drive, and see if the PC Will boot to this

-If this does not fix it, then look into disassembling the device, vacuuming out the device and components with an Antistatic bristle head, adding new thermal paste, and reassemble the device.

-If this does not work, try a new Video card. if this doesnt work, likely your motherboard if failing.

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