Launched in October 2014, identified by model number CHDHA-301.

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top button not working

powers on but top button not working

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Hi Jason, I've had a GoPro Hero before. It must be a problem with the SD card. To test this theory, you'll need to format your SD card. Take out your micro SD card and put it in a SD or USB adapter. Put this in the card slot of your laptop. Select the files you want to keep and download them to your computer. Go to SD Card Formatter and download the software. Follow the procedures it tells you to. It will remove your photos and videos, set the file type, and optimize it for compatible use with your device. Turn the card's write protection off, open the formatter app, select your card, use the quick format, name it something simple, and click the format button. Once it is done, insert your micro SD card back into the GoPro and test it.

Connor Bruton

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