Why is my wifi and bluetooth not functional any more? (Huawei p8 lite)

So i have a huawei p8 lite and the bluetooth doesn't detect any devices (tested it with different devices a few times). The wifi sees networks fine, but i can only connect to the wifi if i place the phone right next to the modem. If i try to connect from any further than that, it would say "Connecting" for 1 or 2 seconds and either say "saved, encrypted" or "Denied access to network" (Yes i made sure the password and everything is correct) but it doesn't connect at all.

I suspect it has something to do with the one night i transferred A LOT of music from my tablet to my phone's new micro sd card.(Did it with shareit, its a wifi direct app) I was wondering if the hours of continuous transferring caused the hardware or something to bug out.

If you have a solution i'd be so happy( would love to connect it to the car's bluetooth to play my music :) )


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Dumb question, perhaps, but...

Have you tried rebooting the phone?

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Lol yep i did. I tried factory reset, cache wiping and that stuff...

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I suspect the wifi+ bluetooth antenna is damaged...

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Hmm... Can you put a bluetooth device next to it, like with the router?

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I did put a device right on top of it, the phone and the bt device both don't detect each other...

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