Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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dual USB iBook that has 10.3. No install disc, what now?

I want to do a clean install with a disc on the G3 iBook 800 Mhz. I do have a 9.0, but not the 10.3. I have OS 10.1.3, Tiger,10.2, 10.5, and Snow Lepard, I need to fix it for my new high school student. Is it possible to clean it up with a 9.0? Admin password is keeping me out sometimes. I earased it, but it keeps coming back. Keychain I earase.

It needs the 512 memory and airport card. it only has the 128 now. A key is missing on keyboard and I have no idea how to replace it. Any ideas?


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First to the basics--use the included link to select your computer. There you you will find guides to update memory and install an airport card. As to your operating system problems if you actually have a disk for Tiger (10.4) I would install that after upgrading memory as it will be a better OS for the internet. You cannot use Snow Leopard on your machine--to work properly you would need more memory than your computer supports and a Intel processor. Good luck.

iBook G3 Repair

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+ 10.5 requires a G4 866 + MHz CPU, 10.6 requires an Intel processor. Your Max system is 10.4.11. Max RAM is 640 MB. One slot that will take a 512 SO_DIMM. I would zero out the hard drive when reformatting. You can use the 10.4 eMac software found here:

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Both rj and I help set up older Macs for donations. Click on my name for a link to my email and I may be able to help you some more.

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