The pencil only get some half sharpened

My middle school gave me a sharpener to fix and I took a look and I can't find out the problem. When I sharpen the pencil it works perfectly but the pencil is only half sharpened. Because of this you can't perfectly write with the pencil. I don't think it is the pencil sharpener blade that is bad and the gears are not damaged or broken. Can some one plez help me.

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It has a auto stop feature but I don't think that isn't the problem, the sharpener is hitting by the pencil but it dose not sharpen properly. The pencil is also new.

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Most pencil sharpeners have an auto stop feature. Does it stop at a certain point? Also have you used a new or used pencil. Check to make sure nothing is stuck and maybe give it a few wacks or drop it. That might dislodge what might be stopping it.

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